Roman blinds.

The blinds are curtains made of fabric that are collected upwards, by means of a granulated chain, through a transparent thread system, the fabric being collected in a space of approximately 20cms (depending on the total height).

They are made with classic curtain fabrics, so the possibilities are innumerable, both for living rooms, bedrooms, children's, kitchens... going from plain tones to the most current prints.

There are two options for blinds:

  1. - the type “paquetto” which is the most common model, is collected by making light waves, the number of which will depend on the total width of it.
  2. - the "classic" blind that is the model with hidden rods and that is collected in a pleated and straight way; it is usually used with tough fabrics such and thicker fabrics and that cannot be used in the "paquetto".

The cleaning in both cases is by separating the fabric from the mechanism, to which it is attached by a velcro at the top, washing in the washing machine.

In the links below you can see several examples of blinds.